• Siddharth Karunakaran

    Siddharth Karunakaran

    Just a bored dude sitting alone in a room at home.

  • Augusteen


  • Jonathan Najarian

    Jonathan Najarian

    Career coach enabling UX designers to get out of their own way throughout their careers | www.jonathannajarian.com

  • Asya


  • Malenka


    I’m not a writer per say but I love to acquire knowledge and it seems medium is the best place to do so. A very big thank you to all the writers.

  • Henry Latham

    Henry Latham

    We Fast-Track PMs & POs to Head of Product at www.prod.mba | Author of https://amzn.to/3dJLF6W | Thrive Global, Guardian, UX Planet, etc.

  • Ivelina Georgieva

    Ivelina Georgieva

  • Nazeem Valentine

    Nazeem Valentine

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