My 2015 Year Review

Making the Best out Everything

In 2015, I attempted to do 12 new activities to push me out of my comfort zone. This was also my first full year working after graduating from University. Here are the experiences I had:

  1. Climbing the o2 Dome

2. Jet Skiing

3. Parasailing

4. Snorkeling

5. Quad-Biking

6. Psychedelic experience

7. Live football game at the Emirates

8. Footy-Golf and Mini Golf

9. Got a Tattoo

10. Surfing

11. Visiting the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty

12. Seeing the Niagara Falls

  • Four days in Calais, France between the 30th January and 2nd February.
  • Twelve days were spent travelling across Bali, Indonesia between the 24th June and the 6th July.
  • Ten days in New York, America between the 10th and 20th October.
  • Two days in Toronto, Canada between the 21st and 23rd October.

[Total: 28 days on holiday!]

Thoughts on Travels: It’s been ages since I spent this amount of time abroad. A piece of feedback about me spending too much money and yet not going on holiday often enough these past few years triggered this change.

  • Skills — Books Read: 40x
  • Adventure — New countries: 4x

For a while, I didn’t believe in setting goals, and this kind of thinking prevented me from achieving more. I’ve realised I’m the kind of person who is results driven. My mind needs something to tinker with; what better way to use that to my advantage than to focus on my goals.

“Unsuccessful people carry their goals around in their head like marbles rattling around in a can, and we say a goal that is not in writing is merely a fantasy.”
Darren Hardy, The Compound Effect

I simply believe in following my heart, and I try to learn as much as I can from anyone — so that I can facilitate the growth of the strongest version of myself.

I meditated throughout different periods of the year using the Headspace app and listened to several spiritual audio-books. Moving forward in 2016, I feel that it’s time to meditate with no help (noticed guided meditations become less helpful for me as the months went by — seems like I’ve outgrown them).

Note to self: If the spiritual part of my life is lacking, then I can’t be my best self. To that end, I am continually referring to books about mindfulness and the connection we have with everything around us. Balancing self-improvement and self-acceptance will be something worth paying attention to in the coming years.

I will not get a corporate office based full-time job. Instead I will grow my income as a Freelancer and through other means i.e. Ikigai. It’s a little more challenging to go about life while serving your natural inclinations first, but I value flexibility and my time too highly. Plus, I believe can provide much more value to the world through this path.

WhatsApp is one of those apps that’s incredibly useful for communicating with friends on a frequent basis, at the expense of your day-day peace of mind. At least, that’s case for me. I’m planning on limiting it/quitting it altogether.

When it comes to Facebook, I’ll be using a News feed eradicator to limit the noise that gets in. I’m also going to be more purposeful in choosing the people I follow on YouTube and social media. All in all, I find that being mindful of the information that enters my mind, and picking what fits me accordingly, helps me live more purposefully.

  • Drama, frustration, interlaced with small adventures.
  • Conflict with other people.
  • Financial frustration.
  • Lack of Social Abundance except when on Holiday.
  • Low Mood due to brooding about the past.
  1. Going to Bali, New York, and Toronto.
  2. Getting a raise in my freelance role.
  3. Learning about Goals and GTD.
  4. Building a better system for tracking my habits.
  5. Working out consistently.
  6. Went through some counselling, which helped me deal with some family issues.
  • Avoiding conflict with people.
  • Eating healthier to be leaner.
  • Tracking my workouts.
  • Practicing gratitude and journaling more often.
  • Reading books that are most applicable to the areas of life that I need clarity on.
  • Not unnecessarily paying of £2600 in Student loan debt when it wasn’t the right time to do so.
  • Not being in the scarcity mindset as much and not living in overdraft.
  • Not watching as many movies.
  • Being less lax with the way I chose to spend my time.
  • A longer romantic relationship.
  • Re-reading important books.
  • More meetups in London.
  • More sleep.
  • Reading Fiction.
  • Having fixed goals.
  • I didn’t have a smartphone until September. Without Maps, I had greater difficulty finding new locations in London.
  • I had no visibility or, clarity on my goals in 2015. Clear visibility of goals so that I get to see them every day.
  • Using GTD system throughout the year. Currently using Nozbe at this point in time. Edit: Now using Todoist.
  • Tracking habits and plans, using Standards and Sunrise Calendar consistently throughout the year.
  • Journaling in DavidRM Software.
  • Invest 25% of your income back into yourself (or as much as I can).
  • Surrounding myself with more people who are oriented towards growth.
  • Deal with conflict straight away, never let it fester.
  • Be willing to seek out help from other people, life doesn’t have to be a solitary journey.

1. What are the accomplishments I’m most proud of achieving?

2. Went through some counselling, which helped me deal with some family issues.

3. Being less emotionally rash throughout different periods of the year.

4. I felt like I lost my trust in people in general due to a single negative experience. This isn’t the best thing and something I’ll be changing in 2016.

Despite the great experiences I had this year and everything I learnt about myself and the world, I experienced a little more distress than I would have liked to, and didn’t really accomplish as much as I could have.

My overall rating for 2015: 64/100.

I write about unconventional habits. Featured on TinyBuddha, Thought Catalogue, Addicted2Success. Visit:

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